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What is the shipping policy?


What shipping providers do you use?


Eff! My package was lost, stolen, or damaged!

How long will my order take to arrive?

On average, orders arrive to the destination address in 2-3 weeks. The delivery time will depend primarily on two factors: the day of the shipment and shipping service.

Item Availability:

Our items are unique handmade items and held by the artist. We will confirm if the item is still available. If it is not, and another similar item can be made, the time estimate is below in the Description. Please review before you place your order. We will confirm availability and timeframe before payment processing.

Shipping Service:

During checkout, we will show you a list of available shipping services and their corresponding prices and timeframes. You may also view shipping charges and timeframes through the "Calculate Shipping" link in the shopping cart. Note some items carry a special delivery timeframe that may differ from that of other items from the same region -- these items are clearly labeled with the special timeframe on the product detail page (as well as in checkout).

The estimated days must be considered after the creation time of the purchased piece that is found in the product description in the "timeframe" section.

My address has an error or I confirmed a wrong address. Can you reshipped my package?

A fee will be applied to all orders where:

  1. The incorrect address has been provided by the customer and the package is returned as undeliverable
  2. An invalid address has been provided by the customer, resulting in a surcharge from the carrier. Such an error may include, but is not limited to, invalid or incomplete address information; incorrect zip code; incorrect state or country information; typographical errors; or transposed digits
  3. A move or sudden change of address results in the refusal or non-delivery of an order
  4. An APO or FPO address has been provided as the shipping address

The fee will consist of a $5 handling charge plus any applicable costs related to re-routing, forwarding, or redelivering the parcel(s). Please note that there is no charge for address changes that are made before an order is shipped.

Do you ship worldwide?

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