The Feria could not survive without our patrons as we are a totally non-profit organication in both Mexico and the U.S. Thank you to all our patrons who have continued to support us over the years.

Los Amigos del Arte Popular (LADAP)

has been a patron of the Feria for many years now. They are the Feria’s #1 Patron in the U.S. LADAP was started for two primary reasons: to help support the continuing existence of the folk arts of Mexico and to promote these arts by fostering an appreciative audience interested in buying these exciting creations. If you are interested in joining LADAP, please go to their website. Website:

Escuela Nacional de Cerámica (ENC)

is the Feria’s #1 Patron in Mexico. The ENC started as a project to build a new space for preserving, creating, innovating, researching and teaching about ceramics at the heart of Mexican tradition. The goal is to save the rich tradition of Mexican ceramists, acknowledge the artistic value of their work and take it to the future through the formation and consolidation of new generations of artists, thus projecting Mexico as an important producer of quality ceramic worldwide. Website:

Grupo Xcaret 

is a leading company in sustainable and socially responsible tourism recreation worldwide. It constitutes the most important model of sustainable tourist recreation in Mexico. Specializing in offering unique and unforgettable experiences to its visitors  based on respect for nature and love for life. With each human touch, strategy, decision, and action, GX makes Mexico better and contributes to having a greater and happier planet. 

Megacable Guadalajara

has supported the Feria for years through in-kind advertising spots as well as supplying shopping bags printed with Mega’s and the Feria’s logos that are given to each entrant to the Feria. These bags can be seen daily in use by shoppers at Lake Chapala and have become almost a collector’s item. Website: 

Chapala Turismo

The support of the community is always important to the continuation of an event like the Feria. We are grateful to have this type of support from Chapala Turismo. They are attentive to our needs and work with us on the issues that make the Feria run smoothly each year.