After 2 years we made the Feria possible again.

The past NOVEMBER 11-13 2022 we made possible FERIA MAESTROS DEL ARTE at Club de Yates de Chapala where more than 90 artists sold their pieces.

Watch the film to experience what we live during the event.


Not to be missed

"The quality is excellent, the variety is amazing and the artisans are truly gifted."
Linda Shaffner

Riberas del Pilar, Jalisco

A real treat for the eyes

"Beautiful art and crafts from remote parts to the country. A real treat for the eyes."
Bruce Joachim

Ajijic, Jalisco

Beautiful and diverse art

"Good selection of artisans and crafts. Best part is artisanskeep every centavo they earn."
Leigh Thelmadatter

Morelia, Michoacan

Artist testimonial

"A big thank you to the Feria and to all the volunteers who help to make it happen. We make our work known to people who value Mexican folk-art." Ortegasfolkart

Santa Cruz de Las Huertas, Jalisco

Artist testimonal

"Thank you. There are no words to describe how important it is for us to come to this marvelous event where we are given economic support for our
María Elizabeth Mendoza Estrada


Artist testimonial

"A huge thank you to all the volunteers who make the Feria such a special place to come and sell my work. I have come to the Feria 12 times and this was my best year ever. My family sends a huge abrazo (hug) to all of you."

Felipe Benítez Miranda

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

This is a very special opportunity to become connected to part of Mexico’s history and has become a very popular volunteer effort.

Supported by interesting, artistic, motivated, and energetic volunteers who feel strongly about getting involved in the plight of Mexican folk art.