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Your entry gifts

Fashion Show

Artists who are presenting

QR codes for Artist information

Tequila Tasting!

This year is our 20th Anniversary, so come and enjoy everything our volunteers have put together for this year’s event, including Tequila tasting by Sandy & Daniel Tequila, our own local Tequila.

Your Entry Gifts

A tote bag and issue of Conecciones

Upon entry, you will receive a free Feria tote bag from Megacable Guadalajara.

The Lake Chapala Society has been a huge Feria supporter, and now, they are dedicating their November 2022 magazine, Connecciones, to the Feria.

As you enter the Feria, you will receive a copy of the November magazine with a pullout section on the Feria. It will include the site map, list of artisans, Entertainment Schedule and more.

The Fashion Show

It seemed like we were not going to have a Fashion Show this year and then Araceli Kopiloff (photo) stepped up to take the reins and organize the show!

She has 30 men, women and children who will be modeling clothing, jewelry, hats, purses, etc. direct from the artisans at the Feria. 

Meet them on stage at 11:30 each day and see how easy it is to turn "traditional" to "fashionable" and also learn many different ways to tie your rebozo. 

Artistas que hacen presentaciones / Artists giving Presentations

Artist Information by QR codes!

The Feria will be using QR codes for you to obtain artist information. At each of the artisan's booths hanging behind them, will be a card with the QR code you can easily capture on your cell phone. It includes the contact information for each artist and their Feria web page.

A QR code scanner/reader is free from the Google Play Store or for your iPhones as well. Just download to your phone and when you want to capture a particular artist’s information, open the QR scanner and point it at the QR code.