The Charity Raffle
& Artists Supporting the Feria

During lean years when funding the Feria was difficult, we asked the artisans if they would rather pay for a booth space or donate two pieces of their art. Overwhelmingly, they opted to donate their work.


One donation is given as a prize in the charity raffle the proceeds of which are split between Puerta de Inglés, San Juan Cosalá, a free program to teach locals English.

Here is your opportunity to own a piece of an artisan's work for the price of a raffle ticket. Winners are announced near the end of each day — you do not need to be present to win — and your ticket remains with all others all three days of the Feria.


The other artist donation is sold in our Artists Supporting the Feria booth. Here is your opportunity to purchase a piece of artisan's work they hand-selected to be sold in this booth.

Money raised from both go toward start-up funds for next year's Feria. All the artist donations are representative of their work.