Gabriela Sánchez, Guadalajara, Jalisco

Gabriela Sánchez
Rosana Sánchez
Guadalajara, Jalisco

Gabriela Sánchez

Gabriela Sánchez grew up in a jewelry family. This is how she learned the art of jewelry and to appreciate jewelry as pieces that treasure and carry emotions. Through this experience, Gabriela is inspired and creates small representative and unique silver sculptures of what she is most passionate about — her roots, her Mexican culture.

Gabriela shares this passion and life experience with her daughter Artemisa Ramírez, currently co-designer of the brand. Together
they are a duo where experience and freshness have managed to innovate. Representing not only the essence and Mexican culture, but placing emotions in each piece, with moments and stories that are felt in a living Mexico, full of colors, textures, movement and, above all, symbols and traditions.

Gabriela Sánchez has participated in different fashion scenes and in events as one of the jeweler talents from Guadalajara.

-- She has been invited by the INBA to create the Inspiration collection, based on the details of the Palacio de Bellas Artes

--She was awarded the ENART Award in 2010

-- Her jewelry was worn by standard-bearers at the opening and closing of the Guadalajara 2011 Pan American Games

-- In 2013, she participated in the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Mundo Cuervo where she presented the Agave Plata collection

-- She won first place in the International Jewelry contest by the Jalisco Chamber of Jewelry in 2015

-- In 2016 she was invited by Vogue magazine to participate in "The Vogue Talents corner" in Colombia Moda week in Medellín.

-- Some of her pieces were presented at Fashion Week Shanghai, in China, at Peru Moda, Jalisco Moda Nextel, the closing of the Minerva Fashion gala catwalk in 2014 together with Benito Santos, as well as on various Expo Joya catwalks.

Rosana Sánchez, Citlali


Rosana Sánchez, designs for the future; for women who are in transformation, who are exploring the world of possibilities in which they live while exploring themselves. Envision a future where the light of every woman, of every human being, can shine in an immense constellation where no one seeks to overshadow anyone.

She is a dreamer woman who knows that a dream is nothing if it doesn't land. She turns her dreams into beautiful jewels that convey emotions, which are much more than beautiful objects.

She also dreams of developing a company that is relevant in this highly competitive world. A company that is ethical in its dealings with others; she knows where she wants to go and has marked out a path of commitment and hard work.

Nature has always been her source of inspiration. No one can design better than her. So she goes out into the woods, touches it, feels it as intimately as she can, and then pays homage to it in every piece of jewelry.

“My designs are like Whitman's poems, a celebration of life, of renewal, of the beauty of the world, of the inner beauty of the women of my land”.

Gabriela Sánchez
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Rosana Sánchez
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