Rosa Calvillo García
Cooperativa Sihuames Tikipanulu, Cachan de Echeverría, Aquila, Michoacán

Rosa Calvillo García was born in the community of Cachan de Santa Cruz, Michoacán and currently lives in the community of Cachan de Echeverría, Aquila, Michoacán. Since she was very young, she observed her parents engaging in handicrafts to support the family. This captured her interest and desire to her parents pass on to her their knowledge. When she was 13 years old, she started to make her first piece.

Over time, her technique improved and she began competing in municipal, state and national competitions to test her knowledge and skills that have been tradition in her family for four generations. Now, she is passing on her art to her children.

Rosa is part of a cooperative, Sihuames Tikipanulu, founded in 2009 and is composed of 10 artisans from the community of Cachan de Echeverria. In the beginning years, they worked from their home and each member participated in the concursos (judged art shows). 

The women of Cachán collect their barro (clay) from a mine located in Cachán de Echeverría — a large piece of private land that requires them to have a permit and pay a fee to access it. They collect raw material, pulverize it and prepare the clay so that it is ready to work. The effort of making each piece is arduous — the conditions under which they work requires great physical exertion, cost and coupled with their desire to continue their traditional work forges a great appreciation of these craftswomen.

In 2022, the decision was made to work and carry out the activities in the cooperative’s work center located in the town of Cachan de Echeverria. During the year, great progress was made and their cooperative stands out as an example to others. The Escuela Nacional de Cerámica built them one of their well-known smokeless kilns in recognition of their contribution to the art of ceramics.

The cooperative has won 1 award at a national level concurso (judged show); 50 first and second place state prizes, including 2 awards and 4 special awards; at the municipal level they have won 30 awards.

Ddomicilio Conocido S/N 

Cachan de Echeverría

MPIO Aquila, Michoacán

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