Rodolfo Martínez Reyes, Capula, Michoacán

Rodolfo Martínez Reyes, Capula, Michoacán

Like so many other Mexican families, the Martínez family lives together in a two-story home with a large patio area in front. Here is where they proudly display their work when you visit them. One by one, they bring out platters, bowls, in all shapes and sizes, but with one thing in common — they are all decorated in the punteado style (tiny dots).

This family is among the approximately 500 families making pottery in the town of Capula, Michoacán. Rodolfo learned his craft from his father, making this a third-generation family of punteado artists. Working with clay goes back much further, but the punteado (a delicate pointillist technique) style has only been in existence for about 45 years.

The clay they use is collected locally from the hills. It is then pulverized, water added and then left to age until ready for use — one platter can take two months to complete.

All of Rodolfo’s ceramics are lead-free and can be used every day, even put in the microwave. The lead-free plates, platters, dinnerware, casseroles are all exquisite from a distance, but when you get up close and can see that the designs are created by thousands of tiny dots, it is mind-boggling how precise their work is. 

Artists trying to continue using the "traditional designs and methods" have a difficult time when their prices are compared against something machine-made from China. Rodolfo’s work is Mexican folk art at its finest!

Calle Juan Aldama 240

Capula, Michoacán

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