Oswaldo Alvarado Jimón Jalisco ceramics

Oswaldo Alvarado Jimón
Tonalá, Jalisco

From the young age of 13, Oswaldo has worked with clay, the sixth generation in his family to do so. His distinguished family is well known both in Mexico and other parts of the world. He began learning how to manage the clay and when he was 17, he began to practice painting and decorating his work, finally achieving his own technique and style. His mother, María del Rosario Jimón, was his teacher and the person who imparted his knowledge.

​Oswaldo is passionate about his art and works within his community to ensure these traditions are passed on to the next generation. Tonalá is well known for its ceramics — both techniques and iconography — and Oswaldo works in two representative forms: Barro Bruñido and Barro Bandera. He creates miniatures and well as life-size objects.

Within the great variety of ways of working clay, Oswaldo represents one of the oldest traditions: Barro Bandera. It is decorated using white paint and very fine strokes are made to form figures of animals, flowers and leaves. Its distinctive feature lies in the colors of the pieces, the same as the Mexican Flag: on a red background, the decoration is added in white and green colors.

Barro bruñido is burnished and acquires its name from the shine that is obtained by rubbing the piece with a burnisher made with a piece of mineral called pyrite. The burnishing process begins by smoothing the raw piece with river rocks or very thin and wet sandpaper. Once the piece is dry, it is bathed with a color that serves as a background to the decoration. The colors used to paint designs are of mineral origin prepared from natural clay from the region.

Oswaldo has won many awards such as 2nd Place in the Barro Bruñido category of the Certamen Galardón Jalisco in 2017.

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