Norma Vázquez Gutiérrez & Carmen Gutiérrez F., Naolinco, Veracruz

Norma Vázquez Gutiérrez & Carmen Gutiérrez F., Naolinco, Veracruz

Norma Vázquez Gutiérrez is the daughter of the renowned Carmen Gutierrez F from Naolinco, Veracruz. As a second generation artist, she began working with clay at the age of 15. First, she watched her mother and next she began elaborating small pieces.

The ceramics of San Miguel Aguasuelos, Naolinco, Veracruz, have become famous throughout the world and have received recognition not only nationally but internationally.The artisans in this town that is nestled in the mountains, are creators of figures and clay vessels, a place of tradition that was born 400 years ago.

The white clay of San Miguel is used to create art using one of the oldest techniques developed by man.

Past generations of artists only made jars, vases, shells, purely utilitarian items to store food or water. At Christmas time, the town's artisans prepare all kinds of figures for nativity scenes: animals, shepherds, the three wise men, the holy family, all made with care and dedication.

The estimated time to mold one of the smallest pieces is five to ten minutes and the large ones from one to two days. It takes 8 days to make a larger piece — from shaping, drying, painting and then firing. 

On Saturdays and Sundays, the artisans go to Naolinco where the sales have a greater reach, although they also go to other places in the state such as Xalapa or Veracruz, even other states of the republic where they are invited to show their products.

Today, Norma continues her training and learning the more difficult techniques that will set her life on a course to bring in her own money to her household. She is giving workshops to children and other adults who wish to learn her craft.

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