Liliana Paola Pinzón Palafox, San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca

Liliana Paola Pinzón Palafox, San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca

Liliana Paola Pinzón Palafox is from San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca and her mother tongue is Huave. At an early age, she began to familiarize herself with backstrap loom weaving. When she was very young, she watched her mother work and little by little, she was motivated to learn more. Somewhere, between 8 and 9-years-old, she started with the first step of weaving on the backstrap loom, which is making the warp. She was happy to learn something new and. at the same time, help her mother.

When Liliana started to make figures on the loom, she did not make animals as was the custom — she had no conception yet of shape, but she understood that she must accustom her wrists and fingers to use el pepenador (the scrapper) on the loom. 

Liliana continued her studies and when she was in high school, she felt the need to become independent. She wanted to spare her mother the expenses of her schooling and show her gratitude for all she had been taught — it was time to express her talent on the loom, specifically the three weaving techniques: continuous, discontinuous and double view.

The first experience she had in a state concurso (judged show), although she did not place, inspired her to not give up. Her second concurso garnered her an award and she had proven to herself she was capable of more.

Continuing her studies prevented Liliana from dedicating herself fully to the loom. She worked in a textile store in Oaxaca City and fortunately was not prevented from using her own designs. She let her imagination guide her and wanted to capture everything around her — the beach, fishermen, ranchers and farmers, her people and her magical culture. Liliana wants to continue promoting the traditional culture of her people and leaving her mark on its weaving history. 

She gives backstrap loom weaving workshops to young people in her community and proudly says that the threads her mother wove fed her inquisitive mind to open the way to a path full of possibilities.

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