Leticia Engracia García Aguilar, Ocotlán De Morelos, Oaxaca De Juárez

Leticia Engracia García Aguilar, Ocotlán De Morelos, Oaxaca De Juárez

Leticia is the daughter of the famous Josefina Aguilar and the fourth generation of ceramicists in her family. Her work is heartfelt and beautiful, her style follows in the footsteps of her mother and is itself award-winning. She began learning the art of working with clay when she was six--years old as she was constantly entertained watching her mother work. 

Leticia is passionate about her work and keeping this art alive with all its customs and traditions of her community, state and country. Her work has allowed her to be the main means of support for her family, it has given her great satisfaction from winning the many prizes she has garnered over the years.

Leticia and her family still collect the clay in the old way ؅— walking to the clay deposits on their property with picks and shovels to dig for clay. After collecting the raw earth, they take it to their workshop for refinement. It is ground into dust under logs, and strained to remove stones and imperfections. The clay is then soaked overnight, and the next day, it is spread across traditional Oaxacan silver mats to be stomped into a smooth, uniform paste. At the end of this physically demanding preparatory process, it is ready to be modeled by hand into the colorful figurative sculptures the family is known for.

When Leticia married, she encouraged her husband and later, her children to get involved. Leticia and her husband model the ceramic figures and their eldest daughter and son bring the figures to life with vibrant acrylic paints. Together, they make vignettes representing their community and culture. 

Leticia says it is the family’s objective to continue and preserve the artistic cultural legacy of their ancestors, and share and transmit the knowledge and techniques of creating ceramic sculptures to their children and other young people in their community.

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Ocotlán De Morelos, Oaxaca



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