Laura Equihua Ortega, Arranza, Michoacán

Laura Equihua Ortega, Arranza, Michoacán

Laura is an internationally recognized backstrap loom textile artisan from Arranza, Michoacán. Starting at age 3-4, Laura began watching her grandmother for hours on end using a backstrap loom to weave the most delicate of textiles. Her grandmother lived to 115 years, still weaving when she passed. Her mother-in-law also taught her designs and sadly died of COVID at the age of 102, still weaving until sickness prevented her continuing.  

At age 19, Laura began working the loom herself and has amassed more than 270 state and national awards. She has traveled to Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles with her work and even designed the stunning wedding veil for Nilde Conde, Actress and Singer, in Hollywood. 

Her work begins with 500 pairs of fine, 100% cotton threads carefully measured and strung on a homemade backstrap loom. The thread is specially sourced from Mexico City and colored exclusively with natural dyes that do not bleed.  She spends 8-10 hours a day weaving the intricate patterns kept in her head — one scarf can take as long a month to finish. 

Laura has taught 25 members of her community her technique. This sharing of her knowledge is critical to carry on this tradition of weaving. In addition, nationally she will be teaching a class of 60 students. These classes will include everything about the art, beginning with building their own backstrap looms, so that this art form is not lost to history.

Prolongación Soledad #20

Arranza, Michoacán


Alternate number is for her daughter, 452-103-2305

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