José Rosario Álvarez Ramírez Tonalá Jalisco

José Rosario Álvarez Ramírez
Tonalá, Jalisco

José Rosario , the eldest of the Álvarez Ramírez brothers, learned the art of working with clay by following his father's example when he was very young. Over the years, he became interested in "giving life" to the pieces he made. Growing up, he saw many renowned artisans come to his father's workshop to buy finished clay pieces that they could decorate themselves.

He learned to work with all the traditional techniques of Tonalá, but focused on Barro Bruñido, Barro Bandera and Barro Canelo, techniques that he has used on more than one occasion to merge them into a single piece. 

For 23 years, José Rosario has shared his knowledge of ceramics as a teacher at the Bachillerato Tecnológico en Cerámica de la Escuela Preparatoria de Tonalá de la Universidad de Guadalajara. He finds his inspiration by focusing on representing and preserving the colors and decorative motifs of the traditional techniques of Tonalá and the innovation in the fusions he makes.

He was the first artisan to win two consecutive Presidential Awards (1998 and 1999), the highest recognition given by the Premio Nacional de la Cerámica.

Álvaro Obregón 290

(between Niño Artillero and Pipil)

Col. Benito Juárez

Tonalá, Jalisco

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