Jose Ojeda

José Ojeda
Sayula, Jalisco

José Ojeda belongs to the 13th generation dedicated to blacksmithing in his family. His ancestors forged spears and shields for the Spanish army. Today, Don Josesito, as he is called in his hometown in Jalisco, is known throughout the world by collectors, hunters and gardeners. His two sons, a brother and several others who work in the factory learning the craft..

Originally a shotgunner, he now makes knives with various handles and sheaths, as well as walking sticks, daggers, buckles and even jewelry. Fine woods and cattle horns are used for the handles of many of their pieces. Hand-carved handles and etched blades are true works of art. Depending on the type of piece, four to fifteen days can be invested in their manufacture.

All Ojeda knives are made with the finest German, French and Mexican steels. The manufacture of a knife involves first heating the metal in a forge until it is red-hot. The metal is then hammered on an anvil until it is the desired size. When working the metal, the blacksmith must strike the blows with great precision and repeat the process several times until the desired quality is obtained. For the final result, heating is as important as hammering.

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