José Álvarez Ramírez,
Tonalá, Jalisco

José Álvarez Ramírez is a Tonalteca artisan, who for 46 years, has been dedicated to working the traditional techniques of "Barro Bruñido" and "Bandera", typical of the region. His father, Don José Luis Álvarez taught he and his brothers the craft. Over the years, along with his brother José Rosario Álvarez, he began to decorate his pieces and create his first complete pieces.

He currently has two Galardones Presidenciales, the highest recognition for work in ceramics given in Mexico, which is presented by the President of the Republic during the ceremony of recognition at the Premio Nacional de la Cerámica.

José, is inspired by nature. In all his work, you can find a tribute to it, represented with different phytomorphic (having the representation of plants) and zoomorphic (having the form of an animal) motifs, all captured with such delicacy, that they seem to be real. 

Álvaro Obregón 290

(between Niño Artillero and Pipil)

Col. Benito Juárez

Tonalá, Jalisco

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