J. Jesús Morales Torres, Tonalá, Jalisco

J. Jesús Morales Torres, Tonalá, Jalisco

Very few, having attended a Mexican Fiesta, will forget the
colorful papers we call papel picado

The papel picado is papel gujereado or cut paper is a traditional and folkloric art form that is achieved by infinite paper cut-outs that have different whimsical shapes and are made on colored tissue paper. Once made, it is glued to strips of rope or thread to form banners or strips, which are used to decorate altars, tables, roofs and plazas during the various festivals of the year.

This craft has survived, as parents take great pride in teaching their children. as does Jesus. This work requires a lot of patience, creativity and dedication. The attention to detail can be observed and admired in each of his works. By touching this fragile perforated sheet of paper, you can feel the love and care that the artisan dedicates to his work.

Jesús loves his work, and as a Mexican is attempting to rescue a folk art form that is on the verge of extinction. He also makes an "original series" of cut paper, as well as laser-cut cards.


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Guadalajara, Jalisco

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