Jesús Venegas Ochoa, Capula, Michoacán

Jesús Venegas Ochoa, Capula, Michoacán

Jesús Venegas Ochoa, from Uruapan, Michoacán, was introduced to different woodworking techniques and the tools of the trade in the carpentry workshop of his father and uncle.

After finishing secondary school, he received a scholarship to study at La Casa de la Cultura de Morelia. Here he began to learn about ceramics and he has studied with masters Rafael Flores Correa (painting), Juan Torres (the original catrina artisan, clay, metal and oil artist), Roció Martínez (figure drawing) and Prado Velázquez (printing).

Jesus makes unique ceramic pieces based on tradition, but with a contemporary touch. His use of unique combinations of color reflects his formal art training, while he sometimes includes punteado (tiny dots decorating technique) in his work, reflecting his traditional art background.

His work is displayed by El Instituto Estatal de Artesano in Michoaćan and he is the recipient of numerous state awards. He recently assisted Juan Torres with painting murals in the Pátzcuaro and Capula Municipalities. He is also concerned with trains the next generation and has started with his children. He also coordinates classes for adolescents and children of the School of Art of José Guadalupe Posada in Capula where he now resides with his wife and four sons.

Benito Juárez #791

Capula, Michoacán

443 376 6632