Ideth Montaño Teotitlán del  Valle, Oaxaca

Ideth Montaño
Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca

Ideth Montaño was born in 1973 and orphaned when she was still a baby and so was raised by her maternal grandmother and four great aunts.  They were a family with little resources and she remembers from a very early age making tortillas and tejate (a local non-alcoholic drink) to sell.  It was a difficult childhood and for that reason she only completed the sixth grade.  

She started her textile work when she was about 11 and began by learning how to prepare the yarn.  She began learning the maguey design and was using commercial dyes.  She also remembers with pride when she sold her first mochila at a feria during Semana Santa in Oaxaca.  She decided to concentrate on weaving bags rather than rugs because Teotitlán del Valle has so many rug weavers.  

She has received awards from ARIPO and has slowly created a group of ten women that work together cooperatively.  They have received assistance to take courses on how to use industrial machines and have been able to get the necessary equipment to do all their own leather work on the bags.  

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Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca
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