profile Guillermo Pascual Lozada

Guillermo Pascual Lozada, a second-generation artisan, started embroidering when he was 13 years old because his mother needed supporting the family’s six children. She saw that he was interested began instructing him in various techniques. Next, he became interested in learning about natural dyes although his mother did not participate in this but supported his desire to experiment and find new methods. She gave him the freedom to work on his own and at 16-years-old, he was dying his own thread and embroidering his own pieces.

He also learned how to tie the fringes using fine macramé. Again, his mother was his instructor, explaining the number of threads, the crosses, twists and how to measure everything using his fingers, fists and elbows. She also explained in detail the meaning of the figures and designs he used. Next, Guillermo was ready to learn backstrap loom weaving. 

Working with textiles has become very important in Guillermo’s life due to his having to give up studying at the university in order to help his mother and because she was so supportive of his learning this craft. He has earned a very good reputation on his own and has been able to sell his work easily — this has allowed him to return and complete his university education.

For some time, Guillermo has helped support 15 other people in his community by giving them work at fair prices. They are able to work at home and bring money into the household without neglecting their children.

The municipality of Hueyapan and its 11 communities are all involved in textile work, Tanamacoyan being the one with the largest number of artisans. The elaboration processes and the iconography that they embroidered specifically characteristic of the municipality — this has helped them achieve national and international recognition for their work. 

In 2014, Guillermo won Frist Place in the Concurso Nacional de Textiles y Rebozo for a wool rebozo made on the back-strap loom. In 2019, he won Second Place in the Septimo Concurso Nacional de Muñecas Artesanales .

Benito Juárez No. 62

Tanamacoyan, Hueyapan, Puebla

231 103 14 95

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