Francisco Sánchez Pérez, Chiapa de Corzo , Chiapas

Francisco Sánchez Pérez, Chiapa de Corzo , Chiapas

Francisco Sánchez Pérez was born in 1993 into a family of artisans dedicated to the traditional lacquer art form. From a very young age, he was interested in this beautiful craft and at 13-years old, motivated by his mother, he decided to start practicing the art of lacquer.

Francisco admired the way his mother and sister worked on the varied pieces. As his expertise progressed, he has always stood out for his innovations and the quality of his work. At the age of 20, he began studying the art of wood carving, taught by his father-in-law Jose A. Gonzalez Montoya. He marveled at how it was possible to make so many figures from a piece of wood and that he was able to carve movement into his creations so they came alive.

He began to practice with Mayan heads and later with small sculptures of indigenous people from Chiapas. Listening to his mentor’s advice and observing his work has enabled him to improve and he began to participate in various competitions.

Francisco and his wife founded EMMACAMILA ARTESANIAS, a business dedicated to producing and commercializing handcrafted works of three very representative branches of the State of Chiapas — Traditional Lacquer, Wood Carving & Jewelry In Amber. Their mission is to continue the art of their ancestors for generations to come, while helping to improve the quality of life of families dedicated to these art forms.

He has won several awards:

● NATIONAL 1st PLACE, National Contest Grand Prix of Folk Art 2018.

● 1st PLACE, State Lacquer Concurso, Traditional Mask, Wood Carving, Traditional Clothing and Embroidery 2019.

● 1st PLACE, State Concurso Fray Bartolomé de las Casas 2019

● 2nd PLACE, State Contest of Lacquer, Traditional Mask, Wood Carving, Costumes and Embroidery 2021

Av. Belisario Dominguez # 864

(entre calle Allende y Las Casas)

Barrio Santa Elena

Chiapa de Corzo , Chiapas 29160

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