Danza de la Pluma

Danza de la Pluma, Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca

Valerio Hipólito

Valerio is 24 years old. His parents and grandparents taught him how to weave when he started high school. He is the fourth generation to carry on the family tradition of rug weaving. He enjoys using their traditional designs to tell a story and not “just” make a rug.

Emmanuel Ruiz

Emmanuel is 25 years old and is from Teotitlán Del Valle. He is a fourth-generation rug weaver. He uses his imagination to innovate new designs and shapes.

Francisco Lazo

Originally from Teotitlán Del Valle, Francisco learned to weave from a very early age. He was taught by his parents, which makes him a fourth-generation rug weaver. He enjoys weaving something unique in each of his rugs.

Andrés Contreras

Andrés started helping his father when he was ten years old. He would thread the bobbins for him. When he was 13, his father taught him to weave designs such as ribbons and fretwork. Little by little, he learned the various techniques of rug weaving and he began to weave more complicated subjects such as drawings and special designs that came from custom orders. Like the other Danza de la Pluma artisans, he is also a fourth-generation weaver.