The Bernabe Family of Petatillo artisans, Tonalá, Jalisco

Daniel Bernabe, Tonalá, Jalisco

The Bernabe story began five generations ago with simple decorated figurines, almost all of them animals. Until a few years ago, José Bernabe continued to mix the amalgam of red, white and black clay himself to make the vases and plates. Their patented technique, after forming an object, was left to dry in the sun, and then were given a special touch —Petatillo —lattice-like

Daniel’s father, the master José Bernabe Campechano, passed on
this beautiful tradition to his sons. Nowadays, they continue preserving this technique in the 5th generation of Bernabe ceramicists. Mixing tradition with innovation is not an easy task, but it was possible for Don José, who won the Premio Jalisco in 1964, obtained the "Ángel Carranza" award in 1989, and was
recognized among the 150 Maestros del Arte Popular in Mexico in 1999.

 From the time Daniel was a small child and was just starting to crawl, he was surrounded by the cultural values of his family. He carries on
a beautiful tradition known worldwide as The Bernabe Tradition.


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Tonalá, Jalisco

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