Centro Integracion Tapalpa (CITAC), Tapalpa, Jalisco

Centro Integración de Tapalpa, A.C.
Tapalpa, Jalisco

Papelmalecho: "Love and Art in Recycling".

Centro Integración de Tapalpa (CITAC) is a very special civil organization where through workshops it promotes education, art and culture.  It supports children, youth, women and people with disabilities.

One of its art programs is "Papelmalecho" where participants (women, children and people with various disabilities), create cheerful and charming items using only recycled materials, covered with paper and decorated with floripainting techniques.  Recycled cardboard, egg cartons, plastic soda bottles, tuna and sardine cans, as well as broomsticks and "dry ice" dishes, among others, are used.  

This handicraft has become a representative art of Tapalpa, and its creation and sales bring hope to many. The production and sale of these handmade items, besides helping to care for the environment, support the economy of the participants, as well as the sustainability of the workshop. 


Patricia Villa Lever, a teacher originally from Guadalajara, founded the school in 1992, sensitive to the needs of children in Tapalpa who had learning problems. Patricia had experience not only as a teacher, but also in teaching special education because her oldest son, Jose Silva, at the age of 5, suffered an unfortunate horseback riding accident that left him hemiplegic and cognitively impaired. 

Since then, the school has been a safe haven and a transdisciplinary educational learning space that also fights inequality and poverty.  More than 3,000 students have passed through its programs. 

The organization was built on land donated by the municipality of Tapalpa and its construction was thanks to the support of many companies, donations from individuals, volunteers and the government of Jalisco.  It is supported by donations from foundations, companies, individuals, recovery fees (very low) and some government programs, as well as the sale of papelmalecho.

The legacy of master craftsman Marcos Canizales has helped students transform their lives, feel important and valuable through the creation of this unique and original "Papelmalecho" art. 

Some of the creations are pink-cheeked angels, colorful flowers, colorful virgins, crosses, and cheerful nativity characters. They also make useful items such as garbage cans, napkin holders and picture frames, and pots.  All their work is colorful, economical and an expression of Mexican folk art full of life, love and hope.

Salto del Nogal: 100

Rincones de Tapalpa

Tapalpa, Jalisco C.P. 49340

Tel: 343 4320570 

Cel: 3331894015




Directora: Adriana Favela Martínez

Coordinadora: Ma. De Jesús Pérez García