Bernardo Camacho Quiroz, Metepec, Mexico, cazuelas, ceramics

Bernardo Camacho Quiroz
Metepec, Mexico

Bernardo Camacho Quiroz is originally from Metepec, in the State of Mexico. He has dedicated his life to working with clay in these techniques: glazing, lead-free glazing, natural pigments, engobes (white or colored clay slip coating applied to a ceramic to give it decorative color), pastillaje (also known as filigree whereby the artisan adds by hand items to the exterior of the piece), polychrome and dyeing.

​He is a fourth-generation ceramicist taught by his parents, who in turn learned from their parents — his mother made cazuelas (casseroles) and his father made black earthenware figures. By the age of six, Bernardo had already learned these techniques.

He began to venture into extremely large pieces as a way to challenge himself and gain recognition. For example, he is in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest ceramic cazuela in 2014.

​Bernardo likes to improve and innovate, so he has taken several courses for the improvement and preservation of his craft. In this way, he has learned new techniques and ways to use his craftsmanship to make a utilitarian object also decorative. He is proud of the family heritage that he carries on his shoulders and seeks to leave a legacy with new generations, so that this family tradition, which has been going on for four generations, is not lost. All the pieces they make in their workshop are unique and hand-made.

He has won all these competitions throughout his career:

1993 to 2003 several awards in national and regional shows.

2003 - First Place in the National Competition of Pottery and Ceramics "Tree of Life" Modality: Traditional Clay Glaze in San Isidro 2003, Metepec, Edo. De Méx.

2012 - Second Place in the "National Competition of Pottery and Ceramics Metepec 2012 The Magic of the Clay", Modality: Traditional Glazed, Metepec, Edo. De Méx.

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