Profile Alfonso Castillo Merino

Alfonso Castillo Merino began his journey into folk art in 2005 when he was nine years old. He began with painting in his father’s, Alfonso Castillo Orta, workshop — folk art here was a family affair. He loved what he was learning and became very interested in continuing with the family tradition. It all started as a game, since he was a young child looking to explore clay and painting, but as he grew up, it went from being a game to a lifestyle.

Alfonso has never stopped painting and, at the same time, studying. Over time he has improved his technique and innovated without forgetting the essence of the traditional in each of his pieces.

His art has become important because it embodies six generations in my family and he hopes to keep it alive for many more years.

Alfonso begins by molding his pieces from scratch and then firing them. Once fired, he and his wife paint them. At the end of the process, they apply varnish to protect each piece..

Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla is known for the polychrome clay work done here. Local artisans, such as the Castillo family, have stood out nationally and internationally for the creativity and originality with which their work is made

Callejón del Partidor #3

Barrio San Martin Huaquechula

Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla. 

951 413 0293

Facebook: Alfonso Castillo

Instagram: ponchoart