Adelaida Carlos Victor Ocumicho Michoacan miniature ceramics

Adelaida Carlos Victor
Ocumicho, Michoacán

Adelaida Carlos Victor isfrom Ocumicho. She comes from a family with a long history of working with clay back to at least her great grandparents. She is known for her well-painted and whimsical miniature clay figures, creatures and scenes. She also creates average-sized pieces as well.

Adelaida was raised by her aunt and uncle who began to teach her how to work with clay at age five. She distinctly remembers selling her first piece at age seven and how she learned not only the joy of creating, but also the financial rewards. She lived with her relatives until age 15, when she was returned to her biological parents.

Her mother also worked with clay so she continued to learn the craft until about age 17 when she married her young husband, Emilio Gutierrez Esteban. He was a farm hand about 30 minutes away from their home. One day Adelaida had a request for a mask and she had never made one, so he helped her even though he had no experience in art. It was then that they both realized his natural talent and he quit his job to work with his wife.

While Adelaida is recognized for her finely painted miniatures, Emilio is known for his wonderful clay masks. Upon request, he also makes wooden masks as well. In addition, both husband and wife make the more traditional Ocumicho clay pieces with devils, scenes of local customs and traditions and other uniquely original and delightful work. They have two children, a boyand a girl. Both children are also learning to work with clay.

Primavera #245

Ocumicho, Michoacán

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