Presa de Barajas, Arandas, Jalisco

Presa de Barajas, Arandas, Jalisco

In 2013, Leticia Gamiño Campos joined a group of women weavers involved in making things that would help them to support their families.

While trying to discover what would sell the best, Leticia suggested doing tatting. She began working beads into her tatting to make jewelry. She showed her work to women who have supported the weavers of her community in the past and it was very well received.

The group Creations Presa de Barajas was born. Their goal is to flourish, not perish and to bring to the attention of the public the art of tatting that is the legacy of their grandmothers. There are currently six individuals in the group although they do not consider themselves a cooperative.

Tatting is an ancient form of lace making. It involves wrapping thread around one or two shuttles and using the shuttles to guide the thread into patterns of knots to create rings and chains in delicate designs. About 2000 years ago, fishermen used a large shuttle to weave heavy cord into fishing nets. 

Leticia Gamiño Campos

Rancho Presa de Barajas #8   

Municipio San Ignacio Cerro Gordo

Arandas, Jal.

348 78 33490, 348 1070722 cellphone

Facebook: pdb.creaciones