Jesús Morales Torres, Guadalajara Jalisco

Jesús Morales Torres, Guadalajara Jalisco

Few, who experience a Mexican fiesta will forget the brightly colored perforated paper decorations called papel picado.  Papel picado means "punched paper" in Spanish and is a traditional folk art that involves cutting out infinite, intricate patterns on, most often, colorful tissue paper.  The tissue paper is then glued to a string in a line to form banners which are used to decorate altars, tables, ceilings and plazas during festivals throughout the year.

Aside from working in the fields, peasants in the 19th century Puebla, Mexico found time to use their creativity and skill to work with this type of paper until they created an authentic handicraft — papel picado.  Artists first began with rudimentary scissors and then switched to forged-steel chisels, which made it easier to create more detailed elegant works.  

This traditional craft has survived because parents are adamant about teaching it to their children.  J. Jesus Morales Torres continues the tradition of preserving this folk art by passing on his craft to his children.  The craft requires patience, creativity, and dedication.  His attention to detail can be seen and felt on every piece of his work.  Touch the fragile, delicate and very light perforated paper and you will feel the artisan's caring and love for his work

Jesús loves his work and reveals that part of his identity as a Mexican lives in the rescue of a handicraft in danger of extinction. He also makes an original limited series hand-cut papel picado as well as laser-cut cards. In 1997, at the Second Certamen Artesanal Show “Tonala & Its Treasures, he won First Place for his papel picado.

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Colonia Del Sur, Sector Juárez

Guadalajara Jalisco

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