Jesús Hernández Torres, San Martin Tilcajete, Ocotlan, Oaxaca

Jesús Hernández Torres, San Martin Tilcajete, Ocotlan, Oaxaca

Jesus Hernandez Torres is a native of San Martin Tilcajete Ocotlan, Oaxaca, and was born in 1977. His parents are, Juan Hernández Cruz and Zoila Torres Pérez, and the sixth of seven brothers.

From childhood, he grew up in a family of the artisan tradition, and is the third generation of the Hernández family dedicated to the craft of woodcarving. He learned his art from his grandparents, father and uncles.

At the age of eight began to work in the workshop of his uncle, Francisco Hernández Cruz, a recognized alebrije (hand-carved wood creature) artisan. Here he learned to develop his own unique style until he mastered the art of woodcarving. At age 20, he became independent and formed his own workshop Copal Magic, with the collaboration of his wife, Roxana Fabian Ortega, who also has a style of her own.

In 2007, he was invited to participate in a local organization responsible for raising awareness of the craftsmanship of his pueblo � finding new markets and exhibitions to bring their work to the public. He has won many awards for his work, which is sought after by collectors.

Amado Nervo 5

San Martin Tilcajete

Ocotlan, Oaxaca

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