Gildardo y Antonio Hernández Quero, Mitla, Oaxaca

Gildardo y Antonio Hernández Quero, Mitla, Oaxaca

Gildardo and Antonio Hernández Quero are brothers working as weavers in Mitla, Oaxaca. They use both pedal and back-strap looms and, for the most part, use natural dyes to achieve the color they want in weaving their rebozos and clothing. The back-strap loom is one of the oldest forms of weaving and they are happy to be keeping this art form alive.

The brothers are innovative craftsmen and work diligently to retain the cultural history of the rebozo in their work. They often use traditional designs such as ancestral Mitla figures. Gildardo and Antonio come from a multi-generational family of weavers beginning with their grandparents, weaving in both cotton and wool. Antonio has studied the art of dying and his variations of color are testament to his abilities. In their workshop are four weavers.

All rebozos centers in Mexico deserve our respect and attention. In life, we take many things for granted, and when we don’t acknowledge and express our admiration and respect for these traditions, they may just go away, leaving us with clothing from Target, Walmart, etc. What a sad, depressing world this would be!

Prolongación de Independencia #35,       

Mitla, Oaxaca     

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