Gerardo y Cristóbal Hermosillo Flores, San Cristóbal de Las Casas

Gerardo y Cristóbal Hermosillo Flores, San Cristóbal de Las Casas

Gerardo and Cristobal are the two sons of the well-known Grand Maestro, Guadalupe Hermosillo Escobar. They both studied under their father and Gerardo still works with his father. Cristobal has struck out on his own. Both young men have been competing in every competition in Chiapas and nationally and have received many awards for their work and designs. They also have won awards in the toy divisions for their merry-go rounds, cars, etc.

The family dominates the forged iron competitions in Chiapas. Forged iron is slowly disappearing as young people dedicate themselves to more lucrative jobs. These two young men want to dedicate themselves to maintaining the old tradition of forging iron that the Spaniards brought with them during the conquest.

They use recycled iron, have a forge fed by wood charcoal, all the traditional tools used by ironsmiths such as poker, anvil, cinsels, pincers, hammers and a marro. They also use electrical drills. Both do the decorative crosses of the passion of Christ with their symbols as well as the reproductions of the traditional roof top crosses that adorn the roofs in San Cristóbal and enter competitions with their own designs.  They both compete in the toy category every year. They also experiment with colors in the metal by varying the temperature of the forge.

Gerardo's work can be purchased at his home or at the Museo de Metalisteria and Cristobal´s work can be purchased from him directly.

Gerardo Hermisillo Flores

967 100 5919 cellular

Cristobal Hermisillo Flores

967 121 5715 cellular


Avenida de la Jardinera No. 12

Col. Jardines del Valle

(Aún Costado de la Col. Sector Salud)

San Cristóbal de Las Casas

C.P. 29286, Chiapas, México

967 678 6631