Enriqueta Cenobio Calixto, Villa del Allende, Mexico

Enriqueta Cenobio Calixto, Villa del Allende, Mexico

Enriqueta Cenobio Calixto creates beautiful Mazahua miniature embroidery. She comes from a Mazahua village in the state of Mexico. She learned embroidery from her mother, who taught her when she was nine years old.

The embroidery technique Enriqueta follows is of Mazahua tradition, in which two needles are used in parallel to work with two colors of thread at the same time. The usual pairs are black with red or black with blue. Most of the designs come from patterns that Enriqueta's family has been following for generations. However, as Enriqueta produces her own designs, she has been developing pieces that include yarns with different colors. She has won numerous awards over the years. On several occasions, she has received the Gran Premio del Arte Popular, one of the most prestigious awards given in Mexico.

San Felipe Santiago,

Villa del Allende, Mexico

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