Daniel Paredes, Puebla, Puebla

Daniel Paredes, Puebla, Puebla

There is a magical energy that comes from the folk art created by Daniel Paredes, a young artist living in Puebla, Puebla. It normally takes decades before an artist achieves the level of expertise Daniel has achieved in the last five years of learning to paint in this traditional manner.

His father, Miguel, and mother, Lilia, both work in the folk art world as well. Miguel Paredes fashions figures, nichos, etc. out of clay and Daniel paints them. He experiments with decorative pieces based on his heritage and Puebla culture. He has developed elements that are far more 

expressive through his skills and mastery of his work. This type of painting is on the verge of extinction and although Daniel was not born into this type of art, he does not want to see it fall by the wayside as so many other art forms in Mexico have.

One of the most meaningful ingredients in Daniel's art is the inner presence of the Mexican Printer, José Guadalupe Posada, who captured the irony and decadence of the wealthy class in the early 1900s by drawing a cartoon which he called Catrina and is now highly used for Day of the Dead figures. Also integrated into his work is the ethnicity and inspiration from farmers, carpenters, etc. while at the same time working to hone his skills with his folk art.Daniel's art is whimsical, with a playful ingredient that sets it apart from others trying to copy his technique and style. Tradition is a key to the continuation of folk art and tradition is a very important component in this young man's art.

A wonderful story "The Evolution of Art" about the Paredes' family is by Harriet Hart of Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico.

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