Alfredo Hernández Orozco, Santa María El Tule, Oaxaca

Alfredo Orozco, Yaolt Hernández
y Mauricio Cuevas, Santa María El Tule, Oaxaca

Alfredo Hernández Orozco is originally from the Xochimilco neighborhood in the city of Oaxaca.. He is a third generation of artisans in his family and began working on the loom when he was eight years old, under the direction of his grandfather Don Manuel Orozco. Alfredo works on the four-pedal loom and his work is very much sought after.

Alfredo remembers the enormous variety of threads and processes his grandfather and mother needed to achieve the final woven product. Many of those processes are no longer used and finding good material is very difficult and very expensive.

Alfredo started his own workshop nine years ago outside the neighborhood of Xochimilco because of the lack of water in the city of Oaxaca. At the same time, he began to train in different institutions and with different national and international design projects. This led him to experiment with different fibers and natural dyes.

While the workshop continues to work with linens and blankets, it currently specializes in producing fabrics for clothing with high-quality and durability — fine cotton, dyed with natural dyes, and materials as diverse as silk, baby alpaca and bamboo thread. They weave traditional designs that are no longer used by other weavers, combining different fibers together with outstanding results.

Privada de la Raya #4

Santa María El Tule, Oaxaca

951 183 7666