Alfonso Castillo Hernández, Izucar de Matamoras, Puebla

Alfonso Castillo Hernández, Izucar de Matamoras, Puebla

There is a magical energy that comes from the folk art created by the Castillo family. For most of his life, Alfonso Castillo Orta worked his magic with clay from an inner strength and self-control that is evident in his work. In 2009, Mexico lost one of its most creative artists when Alfonso passed away. His family continues on in his tradition.

Alfonso came from generations of Puebla potters that began making rustic and utilitarian pieces to satisfy the basic needs of the community. As he matured, he began to experiment with decorative pieces based on his heritage and produced highly refined, multi-chromatic works of art. The perfecting of their current art has demanded many years of experimentation with various processes. They have developed elements that are far more expressive through their skills and mastery of their work. 

Alfonso family's art is whimsical, with a playful ingredient that sets it apart from others who would try and copy their technique and style. Alfonso is featured in the book "The Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art" published by Fomento Cultural Banamex. The family has also had a book written about them, "El Arte de la Familia Castillo" that is available when you visit their workshop.

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Izucar de Matamoras


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