Alfareros de Patamban S. de S.S., Patamban, Michoacán

Alfareros de Patamban S. de S.S., Patamban, Michoacán

Alfareros de Patamban S. de S.S., in the state of Michoacán, is a co-op representing several indigenous porcelain and ceramic Purépechan artists. Cecilia and Fidel, a married couple who make much of the pottery, have traveled to Maestros del Arte since its inception delighting shoppers with their beautifully crafted and painted ceramics.

This tiny pueblo has been known for its pottery since pre-Hispanic times. Pottery styles and quality have been enriched over the years by techniques introduced by Vasco de Quiroga.

Dinnerware sets have detailed folk art paintings of rural life in Mexico � planting corn in the fields, harvesting, landscapes, village scenes, etc. One design for a set of dishes is small, spotted cows grazing in the field. The quality of theCoop's handicraft is unparalleled.

Also crafted by co-op artisans are coffee mugs of every size and shape, platters, serving bowls, masks, lamps, tiles and much more.

Melchor Ocampo#22

Patamban, Michoacán

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