Etched Glass

Magdiel García Hernández, DF, Mexico

Magdiel García Hernández was born in Mexico City. He studied to be a dental surgeon but found his true vocation when he approached glass engraving. He managed to master this art by teaching himself.

His specialty and what he considers the hallmark of his work is the recovery of
traditional Mexican designs and forms. He enjoys learning about and analyzing antique objects, studying pieces and figures in books with photographs and visiting historical places and monuments where he finds ideas and inspiration.

He uses grinding tools, burins and a dremel with diamond tip and carbide burr. For certain finishes Magdiel has created and implemented his own tools. This type of diamond tip engraving requires skill and sensitivity that Magdiel has mastered. The process involves first drawing the image on the glass with a tool that looks like a pencil but has a diamond tip. With this tool, he applies a very delicate pressure with which he abrades the glass and forms fine grooves outlining the contour.

Magdiel appears in the book of Great Masters of Folk Art of Latin America. He has consistently won awards for his work. In 2006 he won the Great Masters of Folk Art Award.

Lote 12 Mz 26 Av. del Rosal

Col. Los Angeles,

Mexico, DF

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