FAQ: Maestros (artists)

What are application requirements to sell at the Feria?

The Feria is only open to Mexican nationals. The selection criteria for artisans is based on the merit and quality of their work, as well as their ability to continue to produce it. We promote a wide range of Mexican folk art: world class, up-and-coming, innovative and traditional.

How many artists are at the Feria each year?

85 maximum artists


Are the artists always the same ones?

No, it may seem to some Feria-goers that we have the same artists each year, however, more than half are new yearly. We have multiple ceramic and textile artisans whose work is in the different mediums within those two categories, which could lead some to believe they were the same as the year before.


What is the Artists Supporting the Feria booth?

To ensure we have start-up funds for the following year, the Feria sells a piece of work from each artisan and banks that money.

Do the artisans speak English?

Most of them, no. In fact, there are artisans who don’t speak Spanish but rather their native indigenous language. However, we have translators on-site to help you.


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