FAQ: Coming to/While at the Feria

What is the price of admission to the Feria?

$80 pesos per person; attendees under 12 years old are free.


What are the hours of the Feria?

Friday & Saturday 9:30 to 5:30, Sunday 9:30 to 4


I understand there is a raffle?

There is a charity raffle each day of the Feria. Because the artists pay nothing to attend the show, we ask each to donate two pieces of their work. Once piece goes into the Raffle booth, the other into the Artists Supporting the Feria booth. You do not need to be present to win.


Is there an ATM on site?

No, but we can offer you transportation to a nearby ATM.


Do you have a way to ship at the Feria?

Yes, Ricardo from Pakmail in Mexico City travels to the Feria to pack and/or ship your purchases. He is reasonable and an expert packer.


Can we eat at the Feria?

Yes, we have several food booths — everything from tacos to pizza — and the yacht club sells wonderful pastries as a fundraiser for their yearly regatta.


Is their handicapped access?

There is designated handicapped parking and should you come in a wheelchair and need assistance getting around the Feria, we will be happy to find someone to help you.


Is there a Fashion Show?

Yes, there is a Fashion Show all three days of the Feria ending on the stage with a demonstration of how to tie and wear a rebozo (shawl).


Is there entertainment?

Yes, we have mariachis, strolling musicians, singers, ballet folkloric and other regional dancing.

I understand you have lectures during the Feria?

All three days have lectures scheduled and normally given by artists who are attending the Feria. They start with a short video, then a short talk about the artisan’s work and then questions and answers and/or demonstrations.


Can I pay with a credit card for my Feria purchases?

If an artist has registered with us, you will be able to pay with your credit card.


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