9 Espiritus Mezcal & Kalakas Chile Licor

Feria Maestros del Arte is pleased to welcome 9 Espiritus Mezcal &
Kalakas Chile Licor to our 2023 Feria.

9 Espiritus Mezcal features the nine species of mezcalero agaves from Oaxaca. They seek to reflect the mysticism behind mezcal with the wisdom of the ancestors who used this drink in spiritual and medicinal practices.

Recently, a new bottle design was released, with a more refined look and highlighting the traditional 9 Spirits chaneque — Espadín, Madrecuishe, Tepeztate, Tobalá, Bicuishe, Arroqueño, Mexicano, Jabalí, Coyote varieties. Chanegues (from Nahuatl) are creatures from Mexica mythology. The Mexica were a Nahuatl-speaking people of the Valley of Mexico who were the rulers of the Mexica Empire. The Mexica established Tenochtitlan.

It is often said that the Feria is not just an art show, it is a “heart” show. When we were looking for a mezcal to present at the Feria, we had never heard of 9 Espiritus Mezcal. After reading “12 Special Edition Bottles — A Tribute to Art
Made with the Hands and the Heart” on their website, we realized we had found something very special.

9 Espiritus celebrates 12 Grandes Maestros del Arte Popular from Oaxaca; who have built a legacy that is recognized throughout the world for its sensitivity, the
representation that is made of traditions and the work of the artisan; their families and communities that give voice to those who continue this legacy with
a vision for the future.

Hand-in-hand with the Instituto de Intercambios Culturales AC , this tribute has been created through the creation of a comic "Diario de Tiata" that seeks to identify the craft activity of families that represent each of their regions. (A Diario de Tiata comes from the book Como agua para chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate). Tita
de la Garza keeps a diary of her treasured secrets, desires, troubles along with her family photos, letters, flowers and other objects impregnated with the
charm of nostalgia.)

JOSÉ GARCÍA ANTONIO "The Lord of the Mermaids", San Antonino Castillo Velasco

ISAAC VÁSQUEZ GARCÍA, Textiles, Teotitlan del Valle

OLEGARIO HERNÁNDEZ, Grabador de Calabazas (Gourd
engraver), Pinotepa de Don Luis

CRISPINA NAVARRO & FAMILY, Textiles, Santo Tomas Jalieza

THEODORA BLANCO, Barro (clay), Santa María Atzompa

JUAN MANUEL GARCÍA ESPERANZA, Silver Filigree, Oaxaca de Juárez

CHARLEMAGNE PETER, Barro Negro (black clay), San Bartolo Coyotepec 

AMADOR MARTÍNEZ, Carrizo (a species of cane), Santa Cruz Papalutla 

JOSEFINA AGUILAR, Polychrome Clay, Ocotlán de Morelos

GILDARDO HERNÁNDEZ, Pre-Hispanic Telar de Cintura, Mitla

ISIDORO CRUZ, Wood Carvings, San Martin Tilcajete

ANGELICA VASQUEZ, Barro (clay), Santa María Atzompa