Sobre nosotros

Mexico's folk-art traditions are disappearing at an alarming rate. Artisans need opportunities to sell their work — the Feria offers them a venue at absolutely no cost to the artisan — no booth fee, no percentage of sales, we pay their transportation to and from the event and find them host families where they sleep and eat for the three days of the show. For some artisans, the sales they make at the Feria represent a major portion of their annual income.


The selection criteria for artisans is based on the merit and quality of their work, as well as their ability to continue to produce it. Traditional folk art reflects shared cultural aesthetics and traditions, however, for the purposes of the Feria, traditions are dynamic and traditional folk art can be both reactive to, and innovative for the times.

We promote a wide range of Mexican folk art:

- world class

- up-and-coming

- innovative

- and traditional

We are a non-profit donataria organization in Mexico and 501c3 non-profit in the United States and are run entirely by volunteers.

To find out more about our history, click here to read the “History of the Feria” blog post.


Preservar y promover el arte popular mexicano. Ayudamos a preservar estas formas de arte y la cultura que las produce proporcionando a los artistas un lugar para vender su trabajo a galerías, coleccionistas, museos y al público. Promovemos la conciencia regional e internacional sobre el valor de estas artes en peligro de extinción.


We envision greater appreciation and expansion of Mexico’s colorful artisan traditions worldwide by:

1. Fostering education, economic opportunities and cultural sustainability of mexican indigenous
and folk art.

2. Facilitating greater interest in Jalisco tourism as an artistic and cultural destination.

3. Cooperatively working with the Mexican community – artists, individuals, organizations and government – to expand awareness, knowledge and sales of Mexican folk and indigenous art.


What makes the Feria possible? The Volunteers. A in-depth article about volunteering for the Feria, “I Never Thought of Doing That,” can be found in the blog section.

Charity raffle

Who gets the raffle money?

The raffle proceeds are split between the Feria and Operation Feed dedicated to providing food and improving the lives of the very poor and marginalized people of San Juan Cosalá at Lake Chapala.

What are the Raffle Prizes?

Because artisans pay nothing to attend the Feria, we ask that they donate two pieces of their work — one is for the Charity Raffle, the other is sold in our Artists Supporting the Feria booth and proceeds go toward start-up funds for the following year.