Rodrigo de la Cruz Cabrera & Esteban de la Cruz Miranda, San Agustin Oapan, Guerrero

Rodrigo de la Cruz Cabrera & Esteban de la Cruz Miranda, San Agustin Oapan, Guerrero

Esteban de la Cruz and his son, Rodrigo de la Cruz Cabrera, from San Agustin Oapan in the state of Guerrero, a very isolated community, are members of a family that has been making decorated pottery for more than five generations. They hope to be able to continue this tradition and that future generations will dedicate themselves to this activity.

San Agustín Oapan is one of the most traditional villages in the region. Recently, the pottery decorated with natural pigments has been replaced by industrial pottery made in Iguala and Cuernavaca, painted with acrylic colors for the tourist trade. Although there are artisans who continue to decorate with natural pigments, many are migrating to ceramics made from molds and decorated with acrylic paint.

The de la Cruz family makes unique pieces with the technique of their ancestors, collecting clay from nearby places and using trees and other plants to elaborate their pigments. Their burnings are done in the open air, with organic fuels such as cow and horse dung.  They are known mainly for the creation of rustic figures of animals and people, and for their "aguadoras" and "canteros", as well as other vessels in the form of guajes.  Decoration includes nativity scenes, birds and plants.

Esteban and Rodrigo have won several national awards, as have other members of their family. However, because they live in an isolated community, and because of the current problems in the state of Guerrero, it is not easy to acquire their pieces.

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