Monica Díaz Martínez, Villa de Zaachila, Oaxaca

Monica Díaz Martínez, Villa de Zaachila, Oaxaca

Monica Diaz Martinez was born in the State of Mexico in 1987. Her parents and all her ancestors come from the state of Oaxaca, her father from the Sierra Mixe and her mother from San Luis Amatlán.

From a very young age she would watch her grandmother sitting in the shade weaving tenates and petatitos, her grandmother would tell her that the palm was blessed and that it was comfortable to weave on its own. That is why Monica wanted to learn to weave like her grandmother, like her grandmother learned from her great-grandmother five generations ago.

She studied a degree in Design at the UNAM, always focused on the value of craftsmanship looking for possibilities to promote this artistic expression.

In 2012, she settled in the community of San Luis Amatlán Oaxaca, to weave with her grandmother and continue learning the work of weaving. Currently she explores the work and weaving in order to apply it in the development of jewelry, this proposal gives visibility and a new approach to palm weaving in San Luis Amatlán Oaxaca, a place known for its beautiful tenates.

She has participated in several competitions where she has won with her palm jewelry proposal: 2016 National Meeting of Young Creative "Artisans and Designers" and 2018 FOFA Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art.

Leona Vicario #915

Colonia Vicente Guerrero

Villa de Zaachila, Oaxaca

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