María Florentina Jiménez Ojeda San Martin Tilcajete Oaxaca

María Florentina Jiménez Ojeda
San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca

María Florentina Jiménez Ojeda is from San Martin Tilcajete, one of Oaxaca’s most prolific centers for producing alebrijes — carved wood creations from the carver’s imagination.

María became interested in carving as she watched her father make trompos (spinning tops). Her brothers learned to carve alebrijes beginning with gazelles and giraffes and would paint them with dots. 

Their father took the carved alebrijes to sell in the Magic Hand Gallery. The owner suggested that the painting be improved. By this time, María was also painting, inspired by nature’s abundance of birds and floral designs. She, too, was instructed by the gallery owner to improve her technique. This motivated her to work on her painting technique and she still sells at the Magic Hand today.

Calle Ignacio Allende 10 

San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca

951 440 3424  doesn't use WA