Jorge Chankin Tercero, Palenque, Chiapas

Jorge Chankin Tercero, Palenque, Chiapas

Jorge Chankin Tercero is an artisan of the Maya Lacandon or Hach Winik (True Man) ethnic group. Originally from the Lacandon Jungle in the State of Chiapas, Mexico. 

The Hach Winik was one of the last ethnic groups to have contact with civilization in the 1980s. A Mayan group that was not conquered by any other nation in the previous years, they always kept a distance from the conquerors since they preferred to go deeper into the jungle and maintain their culture. The ancestors were leaders of the community and Shamans in their millenary ceremonial traditions. They are considered the closest to the Maya civilization.

Chankin Viejo was a Shaman leader of the community and maintained a life of 120 years; he guided and healed with medicinal plants. From him comes the descendants of the Chankin family and the knowledge that has been imparted from generation to generation.

With the promotion of our culture and handicrafts, our cultural identity is strengthened, coming from the Mayan civilization that maintains a pure language and a genetics that has not been mixed. 

We have maintained the elaboration of handcrafted products such as the work in yellow clay to make incense burners, drums, figures of dolls and animals.

Instruments such as maracas and bags are made with jícaras

Vegetable fiber textiles are used to make ancestral clothing, bags, backpacks and fruit bowls.

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