Gualberto Campos Pérez, Toluca, Mexico, wood, molinillos

Gualberto Campos Pérez, Toluca, Mexico

Gualberto Campos Pérez is a true maestro, creating and elaborating on the age-old traditional molinillo (chocolate stirrer). Santa María Rayón is renowned for producing art in wood and molinillos are one of the most representative pieces of folk art in Mexico and their creation has been in Gualberto’s family for four generations.

The technique that Gualberto uses for the manufacture of his pieces is the artisanal lathe. Through the use of his hands and feet, he presses the blank piece of wood and gives it movement with a wooden stick and loop. As it begins revolving around the raw material, he uses metal wedges and wooden sticks to carve the intricate designs on a single molinillo as it takes on the creativeness and ingenuity of the artisan. The black lines on the molinillo, which look as if they are painted, are actually wood burned into the wood. This craft is on the verge of extinction, something which Gualberto works diligently to rectify and bring attention to.

Gualberto’s particular technique has led him to participate in different forums of art and culture in Mexico and around the world. "You have to do something very good and beautiful to be among the best," says Gualberto of his work. Tlaxima Molinia is the name of Gualberto’s taller (workshop) Tlaxima comes from the Nahuatl language and means “the one that works wood”. Molinia means molinillo. His business is in the process of registering his own brand, as he continues to represent abroad the value of being a Mexican craftsman.

Gualberto also makes other objects such as Catrina figures and earrings, but always incorporating trademark molinillo into the design. In 2018, Gualberto won third place in Fonart’s National Concurso and in 2017 he was recognized for his innovation and commercialization of his molinillos.


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Col. San Isiddro Santa Maria Rayon

Toluca, Mexico

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