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San Andrés Larrainzar is a community way up in the mountains at 2200 meters that is 98% Tzotzil. It is either referred to by the name of its patron saint of San Andrés or Larrainzar. Most maps only show the name of Larrainzar. You can see the usual milpas (fields) as well as some coffee farms when traveling in the municipality.

The women supplement their income by weaving and are respected as some of the top weavers in the highlands. Like the women of Aldama, the women of San Andres Larrainzar make magnificent ceremonial huipiles (traditional blouse or dress) on the back-strap looms and they also make various everyday huipiles for themselves.

The current everyday huipil is made of white fabric with an embroidered or woven yoke. The color of the top seems to follow an unwritten law of fashion and this year most women seem to like black, purple and blue colors but you can observe a subtle change every year.

They also weave commercial cotton huipiles on the back-strap loom for the tourist trade. The whole huipil is woven and the top has Mayan symbol brocades. These huipiles come in all types of wonderful colors. The women also make purses, pillows, rebozos, napkins and all types of utilitarian textiles. Many designers also have them work on fabrics to be used in shoes, bags, and other garments.

Francisca Peréz Gómez is the head of the Cooperativa Pepen which is made up of 35 women from various communities from the municipality of San Andres Larrainzar. She coordinates the orders and distributes the work to the various women according to their abilities. She is also the main quality control person.

Francisca is an energetic and outgoing 32 year old with 4 children who loves to travel and has fond memories of a show she attended in Italy where her favorite food was pasta and pizza.

Calle Morelos #7

Between Nicolas Bravo and Las Palmas

San Andrés Larrainzar, Chiapas

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