David Cortina Ocaña, Santiago Tepalctlalpan, Xochimilco, Mexico paper mache piñatas

David Cortina Ocaña, Santiago Tepalctlalpan, Xochimilco, Mexico

David Cortina Ocaña, had some approach to the cartonería and piñatas, because they are used in the festivities of his town; but it was until 2014 that he became interested and participated in the Annual Contest of Piñatas of the Museum of Popular Art, along with Neri Ronquillo, his work caught the attention, which motivated them to continue, improving the technique and evolving to make piñatas with a more decorative concept and popular expression.

David sees the art of making piñatas as an opportunity for personal development, as well as a means of expression and dissemination of cacti, since one of the members of the group is a biologist and has conveyed to them the importance of the conservation and propagation of Mexican species, as well as their cultural dissemination and the importance they have had in the development of our country throughout its history.

What began as a participation in a contest, has now become an important part of their lives, since they have been able to integrate a work group where each one develops and generates an income.

For their work they have obtained 3 awards for creativity in the annual piñata contest of the Museum of Popular Art of Mexico City.

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