CITAC, Tapalpa, Jalisco

Centro Integración de Tapalpa, A.C.
Tapalpa, Jalisco

Centro Integración de Tapalpa (CITAC) is a very special school where students create cheerful and charming papier-mâché items. These folk treasures are also full of hope. The sale of these handmade items supports the Tapalpa school for children with special needs.                    

Patricia Villalevers, a teacher in Guadalajara, founded the school in 1992 for her son, Jose Silva, who suffered severe injuries in a horseback riding accident that required 33 operations. Since then, the school has been a safe haven for more than 2,000 students and is free to those in need. The school was built on donated land and was constructed with the labor of volunteers. It also receives some help from the Mexican government, but relies mainly on donations and the sale of its papier-mâché.

Teacher Marcos Canisale helps students transform their dreams into paper mache creations, using recycled materials. Students use recycled cardboard, egg cartons, plastic soda bottles, aluminum cans and "dry ice" trays and turn them into a bright mix of everything from rosy-cheeked angels to purple and red flying horses, colorful flowers and colorful, cheerful virgins. They also make useful items such as trash cans, napkin rings and boxes for facial wipes. All of their work is colorful, inexpensive and an expression of Mexican folk art.

Calle Hidalgo 219

Salto del Nogal #10

Rincones de Tapalpa

Tapalpa, Jalisco

341 171 5460 cell

333-189-4015 cell


Director: Erika Matile Figueroa Aguirre

CITAC 343 432 0570